POTATO, Solanum tuberosum

When Moses was trying to get the children out of Egypt, the Pharaoh said, “No way.” he had a whole lot of free labor in all those slaves. They were able to make a lot of bricks for the Pharaoh. So, the Lord told Moses to throw a handful of ashes in the air where the Pharaoh could see it. Now, I don't know what kind of ashes they were, but they caused most of those Egyptians to get a bunch of boils. To anyone who has had boils, they know that this is serious business. However, if the Egyptians would have had some potatoes, they could have grated some raw potatoes and put them on the boils and they would have cooled those boils down and pulled a lot of the poisons out.

Also, when another plague of hail and fire came down, those who got burned could have grated some raw potatoes or could have put some real thin slices of potato on the burns. However, back then, I don't think they had any potatoes in all the land of Egypt.

History says the first potatoes came from Peru in South America around 1532, when the Spanish conquistadors conquered Peru, they found the Incas growing and eating a strange- looking tuber that grew down in the ground off of a root. The potato plant uses this bulb that grows on the root to store starch as a food to sustain the seed, or the eye., for a new plant to grow the next year. This is similar to the wheat kernel storing the flour in the kernel storing the flour in the kernel for its food to start the plant for the next year. Strangely enough, the potato and also the tomato come from the poisonous nightshade family. If you eat the potato vine, the flower of the little berries that grow on the vine or the sprouts, you will become sick because they are poisonous. Because potatoes don't get sunlight, they are not poisonous. Cut the green part off of any potato. It got out in the sun and it's bad.

The potato was first brought to Spain and the Old World around 1565. The Irish started to grow potatoes as a food while other centuries still grew them as flowers in a garden. The potato became the national crop of Ireland and was known as the Irish potato. However, in 1845, blight wiped out the potato crop. Over 750, 000 people died of starvation.
In many parts of the world, potatoes are fed to animals. Potatoes ate the third largest crop in the world, and they are still used as a remedy and as an herbal medicine.

Potato juice is a greater cleanser of the body. Caution: It is strong medicine. A little goes a long way. While cleansing, it stirs up a lot of toxins in the body, and if you stir too much too fast, it will make you sick.

Potato juice is best mixed with other juices like carrot, celery, beet or lemon. Some say the juice has helped eczema, nerves, and skin blemishes. This cleansing is due to the high content potassium, sulfur, phosphorus and chlorine in the potato. The juice must be from good, raw potato.

Potato juice is very soothing to the digestive tract. It is used for gastritis, duodenal and gastric ulcers. Eating a raw potato or drinking raw potato juice has been used for rheumatism, lumbago, gout, uric acid, arteriosclerosis and hardening of the arteries. The juice is sometimes used to rub on sore muscles or in a liniment for bruises or stiff joints or arthritis.

An old time remedy was to carry a potato in your pocket to overcome the pain of arthritis. Some folks still chew a small potato for indigestion. Potatoes are about the least expensive, most healing, wholesome food or medicine on the market.

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