GINGER, Zingeber Officinale

Ginger Plant

It's really strange how we take so many things for granted. When we have a health problem, we try every kind of drug and medicine as we search and search for something that will help. Yet, many times, it has been in our cupboard all the time. For example, let's talk about ginger root. For centuries, it has played a good part in the well-being of our forebears.
Ginger is a perennial herb that grows from two to six feet high, depending on the variety and the growing conditions. It grows best in a warm, tropical climate. The root is the part that is used. It is usually propagated from a root cutting, much like a potato. Roots for planting can be purchased from a nursery or sometimes from an oriental vegetable market. Get the light root.

Ginger is said to have originated in the Orient. The Chinese used ginger as an energy drink to increase their vitality. They also used it to ward off colds and the flu. They used ginger as a diuretic for kidney and bladder problems. For women, they used ginger to “warm” the uterus for those who had delayed menstruation. Because of its pungent smell and spicy taste, it soon became a sought-after herb in the spice trade. Early sailors on the trade routes would chew ginger roots to keep from becoming seasick.

Ginger is one of the best remedies for overcoming motion sickness that there is. Some time ago, Dr. Mowry conducted an experiment using Dramamine, a well-known drug that is used for motion sickness, against ginger root which is known for overcoming nausea, vomiting and motion sickness. One group of students was given 100 mg. Dramamine. Another group was given two capsules of powdered ginger root. A third group of students was given two capsules of a placebo which was powdered chickweed.

Each student was placed in a special titled chair and a motor was turned on and the chair rotated for six minutes. None of the students who took the Dramamine or the placebo was able to stay in the chair the full six minutes., and many were bothered by vomiting. Of the students that took the ginger, 50% stayed in the chair for the full six minutes and none of them experienced any vomiting.

Some people that are bothered by motion sickness like to chew on a ginger root. Others like to take capsules of powdered ginger. Other herbs that can be used with ginger, to overcome motion sickness, are cloves and cinnamon.
Ginger is good for many more things besides motion sickness. There was a lady who had tried everything for morning sickness, but to no avail. She spent much of her time in bed until her grandma told her to try some ginger root. After a few days of experimenting, she felt fine, and no more morning sickness.

A friend said he hated stomach flu because he would always throw up and it would make him feel so helpless. One day, someone told him to try ginger root. Whenever he gets that uneasy feeling in his stomach, he runs for the ginger. He says that throwing up is a thing of the past.

Ginger is a great digestive aid. Before the days of refrigeration, there was always the problem of meat spoiling and tasting bad, or the fruit would get overripe and spoil, or the vegetables would go bad. Ginger was often used to mask the taste of spoiled food. They then found that it would help to preserve the food against spoiling and also make the food taste better and help the person to better digest the food.

We could say much more about ginger—how it is good to thin out the blood to prevent blood clots, helps indigestion, how it helps reduce cholesterol, aids with vertigo and dizziness, reduces aches and pains, help arthritis, is a great stimulant, and lots more. Why not get a ginger root and use it?

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