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Before the time of the Greeks and Romans, there were very few vegetables as we know them now. In the last 2000 years man has tamed many of the wild herbs we now know as our most respected vegetables. Among these are cruciferous or cabbage family. Some of these are still found growing wild along some sandy seacoasts and dunes. This family includes the cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower etc. Many of these vegetables are able to prevent and fight cancer.
I think we all remember back in 1990 when President George Bush made his stand against broccoli. As I recall, he made the statement that he didn’t like broccoli when he was a kid and now that he was a President of the United States, there was no one going to make him eat broccoli. Personally, I think the media blew it all out of proportion. If the President doesn’t like broccoli, that’s O.K. However, it seems like the President should encourage his loyal subjects to eat all kinds of good healthy fruits and vegetables, including broccoli, so we would have a healthy nation.

Why is broccoli so good? Well, for starters, broccoli has complex carbohydrates, it has one protein, it has no fat, and it only has about 50 calories or cup. That same cup of broccoli has 159 mg of calcium; it is a dark green vegetable loaded with chlorophyll and easy for the body to assimilate. That cup of broccoli has 3875 IUs of vitamin A. That is good for your eyes and will help to keep you from having a stroke. That same cup has 120 mg of phosphorus, 23 mg of sodium, 28 mg of magnesium and a lot more vitamins and minerals, and it’s good for the heart.

If you are worried about cancer, think about this: people who don’t eat many fruits and vegetables are twice as likely to get cancer as those who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. In fact it’s like a sliding scale. The more fruits and vegetables, the less cancer. This is a according to some nutrition and cancer studies. Statistically, some studies show that the people who have cancer are meat eaters instead of fruit and vegetable eaters.

Some of the studies show that vegetables, and especially broccoli, are protective against stomach and pancreas cancer. One reason is because broccoli digests so easily and is so nutritious. Because it is loaded with chlorophyll, germs just don’t like it. One thing bad germs don’t like is oxygen. It makes them sick and they want to die.

Other studies showed that broccoli is a protection against colon and rectal cancer. A report from the Science News shows that broccoli and other cruciferous herbs or vegetables contain a significant amount of sulfur and histidine. This inhibits the growth of tumors and cysts in the colon and rectum. Broccoli also helps to detoxify the digestive system from harmful chemicals we get from additives that are in our food. It also provides the roughage and fiber we need in the colon. This will ensure that we will have the two or three bowel movements we need each day if we are going to be healthy. Broccoli and cabbage have been helpful in fighting yeast infection. Some have used the diluted juice for a douche. Others have used the raw juice of these plants to dab on rashes and red irritated patches of skin to bring relief. They say antidotes like indoles, glucosinolates, carotenoides and dithiolthines help broccoli in fighting cancer. If you are trying to overcome some of these problems, you should remember to clean the blood. A thorough cleansing of the bowel is also necessary.

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