Does Erectile Dysfunction Effects More than Sexual Performance?

Impotence isn’t the hush, hush subject that can’t be talked about among real men anymore. It is a serious disorder that seems to be gaining momentum. In fact it isn’t really just impotence anymore. The new “politically correct” term is erectile dysfunction (ED). This term more correctly identifies the issues that today’s men are dealing with. Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects an estimated 20 million men in North America. The actual number could be much higher as it is the general consensus that a large percentage of ED issues never get reported. Estimates project that erectile dysfunction affects twenty percent of ALL men and that by the age of fifty it might be as high as fifty percent. Then finally, by the age of sixty five nearly seven in ten men will experience erectile dysfunction to some degree. This leads to several key questions: “Why do men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction?” Are there any other aspects of a man’s life that ED effects?” and “What can be done about Erectile Dysfunction?”

A loss of libido, or sexual drive, and subsequent ED is caused mostly by physical issues. Studies show that nearly eighty five percent of the reported cases of Erectile Dysfunction are caused by physiological issues rather than psychological issues. The good news is that psychological issues are much harder than physiological issues to manage. Physical issues as a rule can be addressed with therapies like supplements, medications and physical exercises. While psychological issue can be much more complex. It is important to address ED as quickly as symptoms start because the male ego, thought to be tough and impenetrable, is actually very fragile. An issue like erectile dysfunction can have adverse effects on other aspects of a man’s life. Whether the cause of impotence is physiological or psychological, both the impotent man and his partner often experience a range of intense feelings and emotions. Any of these feelings can lead to a sense of hopelessness and lower self-esteem. Feelings of sexual insecurity can reinforce any performance anxiety a man experiences and create a vicious cycle of repeated failures and increasingly negative feelings. Those feelings can then spill over into other aspects of a man’s life. Sometimes the feelings of inadequacy can carry over into work and even into men’s social life, leaving men’s minds open for depression and other issues. Erectile Dysfunction can also affect a man’s spouse in similar ways as well. The feeling of inadequacy and unattractiveness can be devastating to both a man and his spouse.

The earliest recorded treatment of erectile dysfunction dates back to Persian physicians and pharmacists in the in the seventh century AD. They were the first to prescribe medication for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. The Persians developed several methods of therapy for ED. The most popular of the time was a single herb therapy involving Yohimbe Bark. The Persians knew that soaking an herb in alcohol, boiling or it makes it stronger and more effective as a treatment. Another therapy involved making a topical application out of an herb. These treatments were perfected over time and became a standard for treating men who lost their sexual drive.

Yohimbe is an evergreen tree, which is found on the African continent in the northwest regions. It not only helped men with ED but also helped with Chi or life energy. Believe it or not even in those centuries over two millennia ago there was a need to increase one’s energy and use supplements to help with issues relating to fatigue. Yohimbe’s real mark was made by earning its reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac. It’s no wonder that nearly any of the supplements that treat impotence and sexual desire include Yohimbe or the constituent thought to be responsible for its effectiveness Yohimbine. In modern times we know that the constituent yohimbine comes from the Yohimbe tree and that yohimbine is the only medically recognized natural aphrodisiac. It is also the only medicine from a natural source approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for erectile dysfunction. Its use as an aphrodisiac in its native area has been well documented and its unique effects are also valued in many parts of the world today, especially in Europe. Today yohimbe products have found a wide market. Yohimbe and all of its derivatives are used in natural products that are sold over the counter and in prescription strength in the medical practices. Both men and women can benefit from the effects of Yohimbe.

There are several alkaloids in Yohimbe, but as described earlier it is the yohimbine which is responsible for most of the recognized effects. Yohimbine is an alkaloid constituent that contains a nitrogen bearing molecule which makes them particularly active. It is thought that the active alkaloid, yohimbine bitartrate, is the component that affects nerves and changes blood flow regulators in the genital area. In other words yohimbine causes the dilation of blood vessels in the lower abdomen which can cause long and very hard erections in men and genital stimulation in women. Therefore yohimbine is used medically as a therapy for impotence and frigidity. Other modern medical uses for yohimbine include treatment of hypertension and as a stimulant for people who have high blood pressure and cannot take other stimulants. The FDA approved yohimbe as a treatment for male and female sexual difficulties over seventy years ago after it was evaluated in double blind studies involving placebos. It does appear to have significant benefits over placebo, particularly in essentially physical erectile disorders, and is generally well tolerated by those individuals that have tried it.

What can Grandma’s Herbs do for your ED?

In Grandma’s Herbs Male Libido there is 100 mg of Yohimbe Bark which has been extracted to be four times stronger than it is in its natural form. We wanted to make sure that there was plenty Yohimbe to receive the desired results but not enough to cause any negative side effects. We have combined Yohimbe bark with other herbs like Muria Pauma, Saw Palmetto and Korean Ginseng to greater enhance the wonderful effects that Yohimbe Bark delivers. Grandma’s Herbs Male Libido Enhancer is very effective for men who have experienced ED. Grandma’s hope is to be able to have a healthy intimate relationship with Grandpa and Male Libido Enhancer has turned out to be just the ticket.

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