Benefits of Blood Cleansers

Benefits of Blood Cleansing

Most sickness starts from toxins within the colon then get absorbed through the colon wall into the bloodstream. When the colon is toxic, the bloodstream can become toxic, when the bloodstream is toxic the lymphatic system can become toxic, and thus the toxins circulate throughout the body. When these toxins circulate through the blood, they infect the whole body. This weakens every organ and taxes the immune system. When the immune system is in a weak state the body becomes susceptible to disease.
Just like many other things life has its cycles. The cleansing cycle starts with a vibrant immune system and a clean functioning filtering system. Toxins, germs and bacteria can enter that system from the environment, the food and water that are consumed and even contact with other people or animals that are contagious with some sort of infectious disease. Usually those contaminates are processed and eliminated by our wonderful filtering system. When the toxins, germs or bacteria are able to slip through our filtering system it becomes the immune system’s job to go on a search and destroy mission. Its job is to kill any and all unwanted threats to the general health and well being of our body.
There are over 22,000 diseases listed, so a particular disease is named according to the symptoms that are present. Basically, all of these diseases are a result of toxins in the body overwhelming the immune system. One of the first clues of toxicity is multiple-system symptoms. Multiple-system symptoms indicates that the immune system and the filtering system are breaking down and that something needs to be done to fortify the defense against disease that we are born with. When a home becomes too dirty to be sanitary the logical thing to do is a deep cleaning. A deep cleaning is more involved than just dusting and mopping the floors. A deep cleaning finds all of the dust and grime that is hidden from view but still affects the overall cleanliness of the home. It is the same for our bodies. We need a deep cleaning from time to time. We need to remove all of the toxins that are just waiting for a chance to make an appearance as a systemic breakdown or a symptom of a disease.
I know that this all makes sense but how does one go about deep cleaning a body? The answer is a blood cleanse. The one thing that has access to every part of our body and is required to deliver life giving oxygen while extracting toxins and waste is blood. It stands to reason that if the blood that is circulating through your veins is dirty it can’t possibly remove and eliminate the toxins and waste that are throughout your whole body.
Herbs are a great source for a deep cleanse. Herbs have properties in them that aid your body to eliminate the impurities that are collected and stored. It is well known that the juice from a lemon is very good at cleansing your urinary tract. It is also well known that cascara or senna are very good for cleansing the colon and the bowel. There are herbs that have been used for millennia to clean and cleanse the body. Grandma’s Herbs has researched this subject and found several that are great cleansers. We have combined them in four different formulas to offer the most complete blood cleansing system on the market today.
Someone asked if there was any herb that looks beautiful, tastes good and is beneficial to your health. Well, the first one that comes to mind is red clover. As with alfalfa, red clover sends its roots far into the ground. This makes it possible for it to draw upon an abundance of minerals. Due to its high content of several important nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, red clover has become a dependable nutritive supplement in all forms of degenerative diseases. Red Clover is one of the first herbs that one would think of for herbs being used as blood cleansers.
One of the dangers of high levels of toxicity is cancer. For hundreds of years, red clover has been used alone and in combinations as an herb that would retard the growth of cancer. Some have said that red clover was a hoax and wouldn't help cancer. However, researchers in the National Cancer Institute found anti-tumor properties in red clover. In the study titled “Antitumor Activity of Herbal Supplements in Human Prostate Cancer” the conclusion reads “In summary, we have shown that herbal supplements containing licorice, black cohosh, Dong Quai, false unicorn and vitex berry root extracts, fennel seed extract, red blossoms extract, as well as genistein and gamma oryzanol possess antitumor activity in both hormone-dependent and hormone-independent prostate cancer. The potential use of these supplements as therapeutic agents warrants further investigation.” Scientists are learning that all of the ancient people had a closer connection with the earth were on the right track with their herbal remedies. It is my belief that scientists will eventually prove many of the “so called hoaxes and wives tales” to be true and herbs will once again become a leading solution to health issues.
Red clover has a constituent in it called genistein. Genistein is one of the many constituents that have been deemed effective for slowing the growth or even reducing the size of a tumor. For tumors to grow, they need a blood supply. They send out biochemical signals that coax the body into growing blood vessels right into them so as to gain their own blood supply. This process is called angiogenesis. Genistein a compound with an anti-angiogenesis effect is, contained in red clover. One of the specific compounds mentioned in the National Cancer Institute’s study is genistein. It has been determined to slow and even reverse the growth of a tumor.
Down through the ages, red clover has been known as a depurative, or an herb that is a blood purifier. In the past it used to be the custom to carry out a program of using this blood cleanser every spring to purify the system and purge it of winter’s metabolic wastes. Some medical practitioners may turn up their noses, discarding the idea of using a blood cleanser as being unscientific, but there is no doubt that such herbal cleansing stimulates the body’s mechanisms and in this way achieves an overall cleansing effect. Since ancient times, people have felt that the blood and the circulatory system can and should be purified from time to time.

Native American’s were firm believer in being pure from the inside out. They have an herbal formula for cleansing organs like the liver and the kidney and some herbal formulas for cleansing the life stream of our body, blood. They call plantain “Life Medicine” and it is one of the most common plants in the world. Plantain is also an infection fighter for the immune system. It fights blood poisoning, kidney and bladder infection, poisonous bites and stings and plantain is an herbal antibiotic. The Native Americans are not the only ones to recognize the medicinal benefits of plantain. If fact many civilizations used plantain medicinally including the ancient Greeks. At about 327 B.C. Alexander the Great during his world conquest came in contact with this fruit and introduced it into Europe. The Greeks used plantain for purposes such as healing wounds and fighting infection. Plantain found its way into Madagascar from Malaysia and India through trading Asian merchants and by Arabs during the Trans-Saharan trade boom. The healing and cleansing properties in plantain are world famous. Any good internal cleansing system needs to be complete.
In Mexico, chaparral has been used for centuries as a blood cleanser. Also, it is a good tonic, (it tones body tissue), it has been used to relieve pain, it has been touted antibiotic, and of course it has been used as a very good blood cleanser.
Burdock also has several significant attributes. It is not only one of the best herbal blood cleansers known to man, but it is a wonderful herb to treat joint pain and swelling. Burdock is considered one of the best blood purifiers to neutralize and eliminate poisons in the system and to eliminate uric acid and excess waste products.
Pau D’ Arco has been used to enhance the immune system. It is believed to kill viral intruders. Pau D’ Arco has even been used as a topical to help eliminate infection and promote healing.
The list of herbs that are helpful as internal cleansers could go on and on. The fact is that as we age and consume processed or sugary foods, highly caffeinated or carbonated drinks, or breathe toxic fumes from industrial construction we need to cleanse. We keep the outside of our bodies clean on nearly a daily basis. Internal cleansing is just as important to your health and well being as external cleansing is to your social well being. Grandma’s Herbs now has four formulas that are all effective. We have designed a full cleansing program for those who really want to eliminate as many toxins from the blood system as possible. These formulas focus on our blood stream and our filtering system. Some people have noticed that the toxins are even forced out through the pours of their skin. We have had people call in to tell us of greater range of motion and even less joint pain after a full cleanse.
We have named this series for what it is; Grandma’s Herbs Blood Cleanser. It comes in four very different formulas; Blood Cleanser Phase I, Blood Cleanser Phase II, Blood Cleanser Phase III and Blood Cleanser Phase IV.
BLOOD CLEANSER - PHASE I; helps clean the toxins out of the blood, and also stimulates the immune system, using herbs that cleanse, detoxify, build and heal. Phase I is the first step in a four step complete blood cleansing series.
BLOOD CLEANSER PHASE II; Dr. Christopher, a Master Herbalist, said cancer is not a disease it’s a condition of the body – a condition where the body is drowning in its own filth and toxins. Phase II contains red clover. This is one of the most powerful natural detoxifiers found. PHASE II is the second step in our four step cleansing process.
BLOOD CLEANSER PHASE III; Chaparral is known to act against free radicals and thus may be effective in preventing the degenerative diseases associated with aging. Phase III is specifically designed for the lymph system, an important part of rejuvenation.
; contains burdock. Burdock is considered one of the best blood purifiers. It is known to neutralize and eliminate poisons in the system. It also has the reputation of eliminating uric acid and excess waste products. It aids the pituitary gland to help adjust hormone balance. Burdock contains vitamins A, E and P, niacin, iron, B complex, B1, PABA, and some trace minerals. This is the final step to our complete blood cleansing series. 

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