Natural Herbal Remedies for Asthma & Respiratory Issues

The cause of asthma is not known, but there is evidence that many factors play a part. Asthma tends to run in families. There seems to be some families that are naturally predisposed to asthmatic issues. Some of those people become asthmatic in early childhood and others not until well into their late teens or their early adult lives. There is some speculation that in wealthy, hygienic Western countries, most babies are not exposed to bacterial infections that "kick start" the immune system in early life and that may be important in directing the immune system away from allergic or asthmatic responses. Other causes suspected could be lack of exercise, spending more time inside in front of the television means that children get far less exercise. Reduced exercise may mean less stretching of the airways, and a greater tendency for the muscle in the airway walls to contract abnormally when exposed to minor irritants. Children may also have been treated for early illnesses with immune suppressive treatments (high levels of antibiotics, for example, which scientists have found to be immunosuppressive), which can trigger the onset of asthma. Many baby formulas contain ingredients which may have genetically engineered organisms, and which can cause allergies and asthma in children. Fortunately we can find temporary relief from mild asthma or allergic reactions with our natural asthma remedy, RESPIRATORY RELEIF.

For centuries, mullein has been cultivated in Scotland and England as an herb that would help lung problems. The reason mullein is so good is that it contains a good amount of potassium phosphate and calcium phosphate. These two organic salts are essential for rebuilding tissue, the nervous system and bone structure and in maintaining the body. Mullein is an excellent herb for a natural asthma remedy. It is also very good for glandular problems, digestive and nerve disorders, ear infection, as an antidote for poison plants, pain killer, bleeding bowels, mastitis and many other health problems. Mullein is one of the best herbs for asthma. As an astringent, it opens air passages allowing the person to breathe more freely. Mullein is the leading herb in Grandma's herbal RESPIRATORY RELIEF formula. This all natural formula is designed to provide a natural asthma remedy. The herbs act as a bronchial dilators and help to get rid of phlegm. Some of the herbs are emollients and indirectly soothe and heal the raw irritated mucus membranes.

Depending on the severity of the asthma, a natural asthma relief will reduce or eliminate the need for the synthetic drugs and inhalers and can also be safely used to complement conventional treatment of asthma. Used as part of a wider, holistic lifestyle management, herbal and homeopathic medicines can bring a significant natural asthma remedy to sufferers of asthma without the side effects or other complications of the conventional drugs.

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