Ilex paraguariensis

Every once in awhile you find an herb that is really fun to write about. An herb that everyone speaks well about and every factor is a plus. I had heard of yerba mate' or mate', Jesuit tea or missionary tea for about twenty years. People who would go down to South America would say how good it was as a native drink. I thought, big deal, so the natives gather evergreen leaves from a holly-type tree and make tea out of it. Other South American countries gather coffee beans and make coffee out of them. But coffee has the drug caffeine in it and everyone said that yerba mate' had a lot of caffeine in it too. So, I never saw the need to take time to really study about yerba mate'.

However, recently Daniel Mowry, Ph.D. Did research on yerba mate'. It turns out that it has an element or drug in it called mateine. Mateine belongs to the same family as caffeine, so everyone thought yerba mate' contained caffeine, but it doesn't. Each element or drug has its own unique set of properties. For example, the potato plant and the tomato plant belong to the very poisonous nightshade family, and the plant is poison but the fruit is not.

So the big plus factor is that yerba mate' contains no caffeine and very few, if any, adverse side effects. Hen what has it been used for? It is to boost immunity, cleanse and detoxify the blood, tone the nervous system, retard aging, combat fatigue, stimulate the mind, control the appetite, reduce the effects of debilitating disease, reduce stress, eliminate insomnia, and many more things. Oh yes, and it's supposed to restore youthful hair color. How about restoring hair?
To do all those good things means that yerba mate' has a lot of good nutrients: vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B complex, riboflavin nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, biotin, vitamin C complex, magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, manganese, silicon, phosphates, sulphur, hydrochloric acid (for digestion), chlorophyll, choline, inositol and a few more.

A man wrote that he had taken antacids for years because of a digestive problem. Then he satrted to drink yerba mate' tea daily. After a short time he said he didn't have to take hi antacids or any of his other medications any more. He went on to say that he felt so much better and he had much more energy too.

A lady told her friend about yerba mate' to lose weight. The friend said she was very skeptical about these herbal teas. She said if they were any good doctors would be prescribing them to their parents. The friend finally agreed to drink three or four cups of yerba mate' tea a day, eat fruits and vegetables and walk a half hour each day. After a month the friend was surprised that she had lost ten pounds, had firmer muscles with better skin tone, had lower blood pressure and had much more energy.

Yerba mate', whose genus is Ilex and whose species is paraguariensis, is an evergreen leafed tree that is a member of the holy family. It grows wild in the hot, humid valleys of Paraguay, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. The tree grows to a height of about 20 feet. They harvest the leathery evergreen leaves between May and October every third year.
Yerba mate' has the ability of eliminating the feeling of being hungry. In fact, after drinking a cup or two of mate' you feel as though you have eaten a meal. People who visit these South American countries say that many natives who drink yerba mate' only eat one meal a day and nutritionally, they seem to get along just fine. I have read a few reports that told of people who drink quite a bit of yerba mate' and eat fruits and vegetables and lose weight and still have a good amount of energy.
It is a whole body tonic. It acts to improve total circulation. Good circulation helps the body to become healthy. As a tonic it also helps regulate sleep cycles and reduce fatigue, also restores energy without higher blood pressure and anxiety. Yerba mate' is in Grandma's Energy formula.

All in all, this sounds pretty impressive for some leaves from a tree in the jungle.

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