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A lot of years ago, I bought a book called Food is Your Best Medicine. It was written by a medical doctor named Henry G. Bieler, M.D. Now, this Dr. Bieler was either way behind his time, or way ahead of his time. He said, as a practicing physician for over fifty years, he had reached three basic conclusions as to the cause and cure of diseases. He said the first conclusion was that disease is caused by toxemia, or toxins in the body, and not germs. The second conclusion was that, in almost all cases, the use of drugs in treating patients is harmful. The third conclusion was that disease can be cured through the proper use of correct herbs or foods.

Even today, people in European countries still use many of our common garden vegetables for medicinal purposes. It is nice when you can go to the market and buy your medicine. That way, you get no side-effects and no after-effects and they taste good.

The turnip leaf, or greens, was first used as a food over two thousand years ago. As the root was rather large and bulbus, it was gathered to feed pigs and other animals. Turnips were later developed into a food for humans who had little to eat. For a few hundred years, turnips were known as a food for peasants and animals. Turnips are one of the first vegetables that come up in the spring, and this is for a reason. Turnips are are high in sulfur; in other words, they are a cleansing herb or vegetable. When you have the flu or a cold, or after the long winter, the body needs cleaning out. In the spring when you eat the leaf and the root, try to eat them raw. They are more cleansing and they have more vitamin C. Now, if you drink the juice from the leaf and the root, it is even more cleansing. Remember, not too much juice; moderation in all things.

The sulfur in the turnip works on the mucus and catarrh in the respiratory system. It loosens the mucus and phlegm in the bronchioles and the sinuses. Sometimes it works as a laxative and causes gas as it cuts through the mucus in the digestive tract and the colon. Studies have been done where the lowly turnip has been used successfully on prostate cancer. It has been used to lower the serum cholesterol levels of the body. This reduces high blood pressure and the worry of a stroke.

Turnips, finely grated and applied to the chest as a pack or a plaster, will relieve bronchitis or a chest cold. If put on the throat, will help a sore throat. In Europe, they consider the turnip as a decongestant and a help to those who have asthma. During the Second World War in Europe, food was very scarce and if you couldn't find anything else, you could always find a turnip, because they grew so easily.

Health cannot be purchased in in a bottle at the drug store. It must be earned: turnip upon turnip, carrot upon carrot, cabbage upon cabbage, exercise upon exercise. There is no quick fix. No vitamin will feed all the deficiencies of the body. Health can only be found by following all the rules of nature. We are what we eat. If we eat junk foods we become junk, if we eat good foods, we become healthy. Dr. Bieler built up a great practice where he helped thousands by just prescribing the proper vegetables or herbs. He quoted Hippocrates often and he would say, “Thy food shall be thy remedy.”

At an early point in his career, Dr. Bieler got quite discourage because he realized his patients weren't getting well. About this time, he became ill and couldn't seem to get well either. He studied biochemistry and switched from prescribing drugs to prescribing the proper foods. He got well and his patients got well also.

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