RED CLOVER, Trifolium paratenses

Someone asked if there is an herb that looks beautiful, tastes good and is beneficial to your health. Well, the first one that comes to mind is red clover. For hundreds of years, red clover has been used alone and in combination as an herb that would retard the growth of cancer. Most doctors, the F.D.A., and some herbalists have said that red clover is a hoax and won’t help cancer. However, researchers in the national Cancer Institute have found anti-tumor properties in red clover.
A lady in one of the classes I attended told of her father who had a cancer when she was a girl. She said the doctor didn’t give him much hope and told her mother to give him anything he wanted to eat and just try to make him as comfortable as possible. The year, I understood, was about 1918 and in those days, there were many more herbs and weeds and everyone knew something about how to use them.

“For awhile my father got worse until one of the neighbors couldn’t understand why we weren’t doing something to help him, like giving him red clover blossom tea and a lot of garlic and onion soup. We all knew what red clover blossoms looked like, so we kids were sent out to find and gather red clover blossoms.

It took quite awhile, but finally my father was up and around. He took long walks and sat out on the porch in the sun. Then, one day, he went back to work. He kept drinking the red clover tea and he changed his diet a lot. He lived a healthy life for another 32 years.

The red clover grows from one to two feet tall, and it has a pretty little red or purple flower that looks like a ball. This fragrant flower or blossom blooms from about late May until September. The dense petals that make up this terminal ovoid or globular head tend to wither in the late summer and the blossom turns rust brown. The palmate leaf is made up of three ovals to oblong-oval leaflets which are minutely toothed along the margins. Most leaflets have a “V” shaped marking in the center in the center, or a white blotch. The whole plant is somewhat hairy. Down through the ages, the red clover has been known as a depurative, or an herb that is a blood purifier. It is also known as an alternative that alters the condition of the body, as a diuretic that aids the urinary system and as a antiseptic which helps to inhibit bacteria. It is said to be adaptable as a poultice for burns and abscesses and as a relaxant for the nerves. The Indians used the plant for sore eyes and in a salve for burns. Some say it can be used as an expectorant for whooping cough and asthma.

Jethro Kloss, who practiced almost a hundred years ago, said that red clover is one of God’s greatest blessings to man; that it is very pleasant to take and is a wonderful blood purifier. If you combine it with equal parts of blue violet, burdock, yellow dock, dandelion root, rock rose and goldenseal, it is one of the most powerful remedies against cancerous growths and leprosy affections, and also against pellagra. He said, “When I was a boy, my parents had me gather red clover for their postmaster, who had a serious cancer. He lived to be an old man without an operation.”

Dr. Christopher said cancer is not a disease, it is a condition of the body—a condition where the body is drowning in its own filth and poisons, or toxins. The cancer cells are God’s little garbage men trying to eat the filth so we can stay alive a little longer. However, they have such a big job that they sometimes get carried away and eat good cells.

In searching many old herbal books from centuries past, we find that most herbalists agree that red clover is one of the best herbs to help fight against cancer.

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