RAMSONS, Allium ursinum

It seems like every time you open a magazine you see another article on garlic. I’m glad that we are becoming aware of how great garlic really is. However, most of us maybe didn’t realize that garlic has a little known cousin named ramsons is kind of shy and doesn’t live in the desert or in cities or in a lot of flower gardens. Ramson lives in the damp moist forests under the shade of trees. Now when you’re trompin’ around in the woods and smell garlic you will know that there is some ramsons growing nearby.

Early in the spring in damp woods you will find dense patches of ramsons. It grows about two feet tall from a bulb that has cloves like garlic, only the bulb is a little longer and not so big around. There are two or three shiny green elliptical leaves that are a lot wider than garlic. In fact they look like lily of the valley leaves. The flower is tall and round with many little blossoms and it looks like garlic.

Most folks in this country know this plant as wild garlic but in Europe it is known as ramsons. They used it as a cleanser or the digestive tract, a spring tonic and as a blood cleanser. Some old times tell about when they were kids their mothers would send them out to gather the bright shiny leaves. Sometimes they would chop the leaves up quite fine and eat them on bread and butter. They would also use them in a spring salad or put them in soups or use as a pot herb. The leaves work a lot better when they are fresh.

The wild bears out in the forests and woods know all about ramsons. They use it as a spring tonic and as an intestinal cleanser. After the bears hibernate all winter their bodies are full of waste and are very toxic. One of the first things they do when they crawl out of their den is to find a patch of ramsons, or wild garlic, and eat their fill. This sweetens their stomach and cleans out their digestive tract. I think this is why nature put ramsons in the woods and the forests so the bears could have easy access to it when they woke up from their long winter’s nap.

Ramsons are very good for the stomach and the intestines. It is real great bowel tonic if you are constipated and even if you have diarrhea. It is also good for pimples, acne or rough dry skin or any kind or chronic skin disorders.

Ramsons is a great blood purifier. It will help to overcome herpes, eczema, scrofula, and even rheumatism. It will purge cholesterol and plaque out of the blood veins and helps to increase the flow of blood to all parts of the body. This will help to overcome hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, dizziness, worms and parasites and even help the memory.
In the Bible there is a passage that says, “COME NOW AND LET US REASON TOGETHER---“ Perhaps we should reason on what makes sickness and what makes health. I think we all agree, “WE ARE WHAT WE EAT.” The longer foods stay in the warm moist environment of our digestive tract the harder it becomes to eliminate and the more toxic and poisonous it becomes to our bodies. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of moisture. They digest easily and eliminate quickly, also they are very healthy. Meats, breads and processed foods lack moisture. They are stickier and contain more mucus. They are more difficult to digest and are much more difficult to eliminate. They cause constipation, then sickness.

In olden times, mothers gave their families sulfur and molasses as a spring tonic to clean out their systems.

Ramsons is heavy in sulfur and is great spring tonic. If you can’t find ramsons, try using garlic. It works too.

P.S. Don’t drink liquids with meals. It dilutes digestive juices.

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