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Ginkgo Biloba Plant

Whenever I give a lecture, there is one question that is bound to be asked. That is, “Is there an herb that will improve my memory?’ This question is asked not just be senior citizens, but by all ages, even youngest going to school.

There are several herbs that will help to improve the memory. The herb that has most recently been recognized as a memory booster is an ornamental tree called ginkgo biloba. Ginkgo is the genus or the official name of the tree, and biloba is the species which says that the leaf has two lobes or bi-loba.

Some say that the ginkgo tree is the oldest surviving tree on the planet earth. That would make it quite old. Some trees live to be more than a thousand of years old. The ginkgo trees have lived in China for more than 4,000 years. The ginkgo is an ornamental tree and reaches a height of 100 feet. The bilobed leaf is about four inches long and looks like a little fan. The veins of the leaf start at the base of the leaf and run parallel to the end of the leaf. The ginkgo tree can be either a male tree or a female tree. Both have blossoms; the female tree produces an apricot-sized, orange-to-yellow colored fruit that has an edible nut inside. The male tree produces a drupe.

The ginkgo nut was the main medicine of the tree for thousands of years. Within the last hundred years, much research has been done on the leaf by German researchers. They have found it to be a treasure chest full of healthy remedies for the older folks, as well as the middle-aged and younger.

Ginkgo leaf and ginkgo leaf extract seem to have the rare ability to stimulate the blood circulation through the body. This fact alone is enough to get most people excited, especially older folks. But the big news seems to be that ginkgo leaf has been able to help the blood circulate through those little capillaries in the brain. This has enabled many who have suffered with memory loss to start remembering again.

In Europe, there have been more than 250 controlled studies proving the worth of ginkgo leaf. In France, they conducted a double-blind study involving 166 people. They gave a half of them a ginkgo extract and the other half they gave a placebo or a sugar pill. Within three months, the group that was getting the ginkgo extract showed a big improvement over the other group. And the good part is, those who had the most problems showed the most improvement.

In another study. They tested to find out if ginkgo would show improvement in orientation, mental alertness, communication, mobility and short-term memory improvement. Almost all who participated in the study showed improvement in all of these fields. Ginkgo leaf is the main herb in Grandma’s herbal Memory formula.

A few years ago, when I first started to study about ginkgo, I met an older man from Europe who said he had been using ginkgo for a couple of years. Many people I Germany have been using ginkgo for many different problems. He said that after the first year, he noticed that his memory had improved, that he very seldom got dizzy, that he didn’t have those little chest pains as much as he used to; his hands and feet didn’t seem to get as cold, and he hasn’t had flu or caught a cold for a long while. With all those qualifications, I can see why he would praise ginkgo.

In one report I read, it said that ginkgo could help prevent strokes, which is the third greatest cause of death in this country. At the same time, it said that ginkgo improves the flow of blood to the heart, decreasing the chance of heart attacks. Ginkgo is said to help to overcome impotence in males, to prevent and overcome degeneration of retina, to prevent hearing loss and ringing in the ears, and to slow down aging. What an herb!
We should all plant a couple of ginkgo trees for ourselves.

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