FLAX SEED OIL, Linum usitatissimum

Flax Seed Oil

There are oils that are good for you, and there are oils that are not so good for you. But in spite of all the good that the most oils do for us, there is a new diet fad that has swept the nation. It says we must not eat fats or oils. They say fats and oils will raise your cholesterol level, make you subject to heart attacks and strokes, make you gain a lot of weight, hurt the liver, cause a gall bladder attack and harm your health in general.

Just the other day, I talked to a lady who is very health conscious. She exercises every day and eats sensibly. She said that two or three years ago, she was told that she should stop using oil together or she'd put on weight, have strokes and gall bladder attacks and she would have high levels of cholesterol.

She said when she stopped using oil in her diet, her energy level dropped down and her cholesterol level shot way up. This caused her grave concern.

Then, a couple of months ago, she read a report on flax seed oil. It said that flax seed oil was high in Omega 3, an essential fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid and it was great for lowering cholesterol. So, she started to take flax seed oil. She said since using flax seed oil, her cholesterol level has gone down over 20 points. This is without changing her diet or exercising more or anything. She said her energy is starting to comeback too.

Many people say that oil is real bad for the liver and gall bladder. The liver makes bile and stores it in the gall bladder. The bile is used by the body to digest fats and oils. If we don't eat oils. The biles just sit in the gall bladder and the calcium precipitates into gravel, and then stones. Then, when we do eat some oil or fat, the gallstones are too sharp and large to go through the duct and we have a gall bladder attack. Good oil is very healthy and it will keep the gall bladder from making stones.

I have read many reports where flax seed oil has helped people who have had cancer, high cholesterol, heart attacks, strokes and many other health problems.

One report said that a doctor in Germany by the name of Dr. Johanna Budwig has more than 1,000 documented successful cancer case histories. She uses fresh flax seed oil, herbs, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh fruit and vegetable juices. This same report told of other successes with flaxseed oil.

The thing we forget is that cancer is not a disease that we catch from someone else. It is a condition of the body. When the body or a gland or system gets run-down or gets injured in some way, it tries to repair itself. If the body doesn't have the proper materials to repair itself, it works with what it can. If the proper repairs can't be made, the sick gland, the system or injury becomes a sinkhole of rot where bad germs and anaerobic organisms live, which do not like oxygen. Many times, this become cancer.

However, if we periodically cleanse the toxins out of the body, and always eat good food, these pockets of rot and anaerobic organisms will not collect and become cancerous. The body will heal these areas. We don't realize that we are what we eat. When our body gets sick, we should give it the best materials we can find to repair it. Our food should be our medicine. Flax seeds are a medicine. They bring oxygen to the body and slow down the growth of cancer cells and other anaerobic organismswhich do not like oxygen. Eat good foods so the body can build and repair itself, instead of toxic drugs and poisons that kill off good germs, as well as bad.

If you want to grow the flax and eat the seeds or make oil, it would be a great way to get benefits from this plant.

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