FALSE UNICORN, Chamaelirium luteum

False Unicorn Plant

This herb should be called women’s best friend, but it is called false unicorn or helonias root.

There was a couple who came to see Dr. Christopher, the best herbalist. With tears in their eyes, they hoped he could help them. They had been married for over 15 years and as yet had no children. They had been to many doctors and through many clinics and had every kind of test they could find, but with no results. The man said, “Every night my wife cries herself to sleep while holding her pillow like a baby. You are our last hope.”

He talked to them about a very special herb, false unicorn, sometimes called helonias root. He told them to each take a half to a whole cup of this tea every morning and night. He went on to tell them that they should go on a cleanse and clean out the body so the female organs and the body would be more capable of forming and building a healthy fetus. It’s like trying to bake a cake in a dirty cake pan, the cake would surely fall. Then he told them about each taking a tablespoon of wheat germ oil every day, and drinking from two to four cups of red raspberry leaf tea each day.

He said he talked to them for about an hour, and then he said, “I f you will do exactly what I have said, you should be pregnant or have your baby within a year”. They had a baby boy within a year and named him after Dr. Christopher.
Besides helping to establish the pregnancy, false unicorn will help to prevent a miscarriage. One time, Dr. Christopher was lecturing in a small town and after the lecture, a young man in his late teens came up to speak to him. The young man said “Dr. Christopher, for many years I have been trying to catch up with you to thank you. My mother was having a miscarriage and you told he to use false unicorn and lobelia and it would stop the miscarriage and save the baby. She used the herbs and saved the baby. The baby was me, so I want to thank you.”

False unicorn is a perennial plant with broad, grass-like leaves spreading in a flat rosette around the base of a spike-like stem. Very small white-to-greenish tubular flowers grow around the top of the plume-like stalk (raceme) that grows to a height of one or two feet. These flowers have six lobes and bloom in May or June. The plant has a short thick rhizome or bulbous root. This is the part of the plant that is used. This root contains the saponin chamealirin which is important to female organs. This plant is found growing wild mostly elsewhere. It likes low, moist ground.

The most common use of this herb is for the treatment of impotence and sterility among women, as well as men. Dr. Christopher said, “This herb is one of the best and most positive stimulative tonics to the uterus and ovaries. It can be used to correct almost any problem in the regenerative organs of both males and females. False unicorn is also used to help irregular, delayed, or absent menstrual cycles. This is likely the reason why it is helpful in lessening menstrual depression, headaches and pain.

False unicorn is an excellent over-all0tonic. It is mild on the stomach, an aid to digestion, will relieve pain, is a diuretic, an anti-depressant, and it is very beneficial to mucous membranes. False unicorn is used in Grandma’s Herbal Fem-Aid formula. Some herbalists in Europe recommend herbs like ladies mantle and yarrow, as well as juice from mistletoe for those ladies who have a difficult time getting pregnant.

Remember, a prospective mother who uses herbs and has cleansed out her body will conceive easier, have an easier pregnancy, have an easier delivery, and a healthier, happier baby.

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