CASCARA SAGRADA, Rhamnus purshiana

Cascara Sagrada

Some time ago, our daughter came to visit us. One of her little boys was still in diapers. She asked me what she could do for diarrhea, because he had messed his diaper ten times and wasn’t noon yet. I asked her if she knew that diarrhea was one of the worst forms of constipation. She said, “Do you call this constipation?” I asked if he had a few days of diarrhea, then a massive bowel movement, then normal a few days and then the whole thing over again. She said, “Yes, how did you know?” I then asked her how long he’d had that real bad breath. “Since he has had this bowel problem,” she said. (Most people who had real bad breath had a toxic colon; they seem to go together, and you can’t get rid of the bad breath by just brushing your teeth).

We took a Grandma’s herbal Super-Lax capsule, which contains cascara sagrada, pulled it apart, put it in some apple juice and fed it to him. Then we also gave him some prune juice. We got the bowel clean out, he got ever his diarrhea and bad breath, and he seemed to be really happy.

The Native Americans were the first to use cascara sagrada. They called it “sacred bark” because it worked so well for them. For anyone who has a constipation problem, cascara sagrada is “an answer to a prayer.”

The tree cascara sagrada is a member of the buckthorn family and is found mostly in the northwest part of the United States. The bark of the root is the part used. However, it must be aged or seasoned for at least a year so it will not cause irritation. Also, cascara sagrada works best if it is combined with some other herb, like it is in Grandma’s Super-Lax formula.

The unique thing about cascara sagrada is that it is so mild, yet very effective, and it is not habit-forming. It stimulates the peristaltic muscles of the bowel. These are the muscles that go around the bowel that move the fecal matter along; this is why cascara sagrada is so effective as a laxative.

Dr. Shook says, “Cascara sagrada increases the secretions of the stomach, liver, and pancreas, and exerts a remarkable action in torpor of the colon in constipation it is unquestionably one of the very best and safest laxatives ever discovered.”
I have to smile when I read the passage in Luke 11 where the Lord rebuked the Pharisees for not cleaning the inside of the cup like they cleaned the outside. It seems like we have the same problem today. We bathe the outside of the body every day. We put on clean clothes, but how often do we clean the inside of the body where all the systems and bodily machinery are?

Some folks say it makes no different how many bowel movements we have- one day or one a week. BUT THAT ISN’T TRUE. If we’re really healthy, we should one for every meal we eat. If you have to sit too long or strain for a bowel movement, it means you are constipated. Remember, CONSTIPATION IS THE BREEDING GROUND FOR MOST DESEASES. WHEN THE COLON IS DIRTY AND TOXIC, FIRST COMES CONSTIPATION, THEN COMES SICKNESS AND THEN DISEASE.
Cascara sagrada helps to stimulate the digestive juices. It also helps to cleanse the liver; it will help to prevent or overcome diverticulitis; it will help to prevent and get rid of worms and parasites; it is a nutritious herb that contains many of the B vitamins, and the minerals calcium, potassium and manganese.

I knew of a teenager who felt miserable. She had a terrible skin problem and cramps because she was constipated. When she discovered herbal laxatives with cascara sagrada she started feeling better. Her skin cleared up and her health improved.

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