BLUE VERVAIN, Verbena hastata

Blue Vervain

When I think of nerve herbs I am reminded of the story of a mother who had two boys about ten years old. She didn’t want to say that they were mean or malicious pr bad so she said they were very active boys. It seemed that their greatest delight was to inflict body damage as well as verbal abuse on each other. Wherever she would take them to the psychiatrist to try to help their problem, she would have to walk between them with one hand holding onto each boy. No amount of counseling seemed to help the problem.

One day she took them to see an herb doctor. She looked drawn and haggard as she tried to keep the boys apart. She was told to keep them off of sweets and junk foods and feed them fruits and vegetables and give them some nerve herbs such as Grandma’s herbal Nervine combination.

The following week when she went back for her follow up visit the boys were walking together laughing and joking with no sign of stress between anyone. They were all the best of friends, thanks to nerve herbs.

Blue vervain is one of the best nerve herbs in the entire herbal kingdom. It is a great anti-spasmodic herb, and muscle relaxer. It soothes and builds damaged nerves. It can help to bring down a fever, relieve nervous coughs, insomnia and anxiety. Good for gout, rheumatism, jaundice, fever pains of nervous origin sore throats and migraine headaches. One old herb doctor said blue vervain is the best herb known for curing fits (seizures) or falling sickness (dizziness or fainting).
Blue vervain is one of the main herbs in Grandma’s herbal formula nervine along with black cohosh, skullcup, valerian and others. This formula has been used for many nerve-related problems including neuralgia, dizziness, epilepsy, vertigo, and many others. Blue vervain is known in different parts of the country by many different names such as American vervain, Indian hyssop, pervain, simplers joy, will hyssop, traveler’s joy, verbena, dormilon and many more.

Blue vervain or vervena as it is sometimes referred to is a beautiful perennial plant that grows to a height of 3 or 4 feet. It is a member of the mint family so it has a square stalk and opposite branches. The leaves like most mints are oblong and small lanceolate, that is, pointed at the tip and the margins are notched or serrate. The flowers are very small and grow on long spikes that extend above the leaves. They are usually a purplish-blue in color and bloom from June until September. This herb is very hardy and it can be found in dry soil in fields and along the road-sides. It should be picked and dried when it is in bloom. After it is completely dried, take the whole herb and pack tightly in a jar or metal can that can be closed tightly or sealed. Store in a dark place and use whenever needed.

In the middle ages it was used against many ills and for some time it was considered a sacred herb that would drive away evil influences. For this reason many people wore this herb around their neck.
Nerve herbs are very special. They can relieve stress and make a gloomy day seem bright with no side effects. Once you have tried nerve herbs you will wonder you got along without them!

We can cite many stories where nervine capsules which contain the blue vervain have helped many folks to overcome stress and tension. One story tells of a lady whose dog was very stress out and would bark a lot and had bitten her son. They didn’t want to have the dog put to sleep so the lady gave the dog some nervine capsules. The dog mellowed out and became very calm and good friend again.

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