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A few years ago, a friend from out of town called me. He was having some kidney problems. We talked about strawberries. I didn’t think any more about it until we stayed with them some time later. The next morning, my friend and I went out to pick some strawberries. His wife asked where we were going. He told her that we were going out to get some kidney medicine. She taught we were going out to pick some herbs.

When we came in a big bowl of strawberries his wife said, “I thought you were going to get something for your kidneys!” He had a big smile on his face and held out the bowl of strawberries and said, “We did, this is kidney medicine.” She said, “You’re putting me on. That looks like a delicious meal for the stomach, not medicine for the kidneys.” She had a hard time believing that something that tastes so good could be so helpful to the body.

The wild strawberry plant is said to have originated in North America. However, like many other plants, it was taken back to Europe with those who conquered this land. The strawberry seemed to be the hard to tame and would grow wild wherever it got a chance. The wild strawberry plant looks a little smaller and is not as lush as the plants we know today. Also, the fruit or berry is smaller and they grow up above the plant on a little stem or stalk.

If you want to cleanse out your intestinal tract, or especially the urinary tract, you should try a strawberry flush. That means that it will flush you out. One herbalist I know says if you have any kind of a kidney problem, use strawberries as a diuretic flush. Instead of eating supper, eat a quart of strawberries on your empty stomach. He said, ‘Go to bed early and in the morning you will feel like a million.” When I did it, I had to get up a few times that night. In the morning, I woke up with a little pain in the kidney area, but I imagine it was because the strawberries did such a good cleaning job on the kidneys.
Strawberries are the first fruit that ripens in the year. They are very cleansing to the whole body. This is why they are a great spring tonic. However, strawberries sometimes cause a rash on the face or body. This is usually because the body is cleansing very rapidly and the toxins are being eliminated through the skin. Strawberries can also be made into an excellent tooth plaque and help to whiten our teeth.

Strawberries have an alkaline reaction on the body. They are also high in sodium and have a good amount of potassium and iron. That’s why they are good for anemia and those who are convalescents. They also have a lot of vitamin C.
One time I had a real nice strawberry patch. Not knowing any better, I planted some spearmint next to it. The spearmint spread into the strawberries. In two years, I had a big spearmint patch with a few strawberries growing in it that tasted like spearmint. Because strawberries are a deputative, a lot of old timers ate them to purify the body and to overcome the pain of arthritis and rheumatism. Others said that strawberries will help the kidney stones gout, as well as those who have a sluggish liver or jaundice. Strawberry leaves are medicinal. I like to use them in teas and poultices or for night sweats. I like them in green drinks too.

When we realize how good the strawberry is for us, it’s too bad we don’t all have a big strawberry patch in our back yard. Many old herbal books and some new herbal books say that strawberries will even help to dissolve kidney stones. I’ll be that will be good news to a lot of folks because strawberries taste so good and kidney stones hurt so bad.

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