APPLE, Malus communis


The first and most important part of health is prevention, or what can I do to make myself from getting sick? We should realize that we are what we eat. If we eat healthy and sensibly, we will be healthy. An apple is one of the healthiest things we can eat. It will not only help to prevent sickness, it promotes health.
Once an old man told me of his digestion problems. He said, “For a long time I couldn’t eat anything without my stomach throwing it back up. It got so bad that I couldn’t even drink water without it coming back up. Not doctors or anyone else could do anything for me. I thought, surely I was going to die. Then a man I knew not, asked how I was feeling. I told him ‘very poorly’. He could see that I was awful skinny and looked drawn. He asked if I had eaten any cooked applesauce mixed with slippery elm bark. I told him that I knew of no such remedy, but if it would help me I would like to try it.
The Mrs. cooked me up some apples into a sauce. I and my boy went down by the creek and stripped some bark off one of the branches of an old elm tree. We took the inner back and cut it up as fine as we could, then pounded it up good with a hammer. Then we put it in a small pan of water on the stove to simmer. It started to thicken up, so we watered it down some and strained it into the applesauce. When we stirred it up it was like a thin gruel. I took a couple of spoonfuls and it seemed to suit my stomach just fine. My stomach was grateful to have something agreeable. This was some time ago. I never did hanker much for applesauce or no kind of apples then, but I sure do now.”
Most apples are 80 to 85 percent water. They are low in sodium, protein, and fat and are rich in potassium and other minerals. They also have salts of potash and soda and a bit of lime, magnesium and iron. Most of these acids and salts are just below the skin so do not peel the apple, just wash it. In spite of the large water content, the apple is high in vitamins B, G, and C. The large amount of “C” makes it very anti-scorbutic which means it is very good for preventing and healing scurvy.
The sugar content of an average fresh apple varies from eight to ten percent. This is why you get a boost in your energy when you eat an apple. But it is slowly and chew it well, and eat the core and seeds. The seeds have laetrile in them. This prevents cancer.
All apples contain varying amounts of organic acids, malic acid, gallic acid and tartaric acid. The mallic acid supplies generous amounts of oxygen to the body. It is of great value to older people and to those who are sedentary, who have restricted activities, by helping the digestion and the liver. These acids in the apple also dissolve stone and gravel in the kidneys and gall bladder and help to relieve gout.
My son was complaining of shark pains in the kidney area. A kidney stone operation was suggested. He started drinking apple juice and soon the pain left. Apple juice is a great solvent that will help soften or dissolve stones. In countries where much unsweetened apple juice is used, gallstones and kidneys stones are almost unheard of.
Ripe juicy apples eaten at bedtime every night will help to overcome even chronic constipation. Test has shown that these same apples eaten at night will help to prevent tooth decay. It has been proven that apples have a tranquilizing effect on those who eat two or more apples a day. Maybe there is more truth in these two sayings than we think: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” And “eat an apple before going to bed, make the doctor beg for his bread.” Eat more apples.

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