Q: Just received my parasite and worm cleanse via Amazon. 1 question: am I going to be grossed out by seeing like a 4 foot critter? This frightens me to death!

A: To answer your question; we have people who report that they didn’t see any parasites exit their body but they feel more energy. We attribute this to getting all of the nutrients from the food that they consume. We have other people report that they see little white specs or pin shaped things in their fecal matter. This is the most common observance. Those are generally pin worms. They range up to about 3/16ths of an inch in length and are about the diameter of a very small pin (thus the name “pin worm”). We also have people tell us that this cleanse has helped to eliminate some skin rashes but that there wasn’t ever anything that they saw exit their body. The fact is that there are a half million different species of parasites that can infect a body. Our immune system is supposed to defend against all of them but sometimes falls short. Our cleanse simply aids the immune system to eliminate those nasty critters.

As far as the four foot long critter is concerned we have found in our experience that the parasites that exist are more likely to be pin worms and other very small even microscopic critters rather than the large long tape worms. (that would be scary)


It would be my thought that I would rather endure the removal of a tape worm rather than the issues that supporting its life in our digestive tract will cause. Unfortunately I can not guarantee that you will or won’t see any type of parasite exiting your body. I can just say that if you have parasites in your body this cleanse will be good for you.

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